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police cruiser - Ten Codes

Police, Fire and other emergency personnel communicate using a standard code called '10-codes'. (From the number '10', which precedes many of these calls.)

You will find your Police Scanner much more interesting if you can understand the communication between the dispatcher and the units responding to a call. This list will clarify many common radio codes used by emergency personnel.

Scanner frequencies are specific to your region. Find yours: California County frequencies

Local frequencies for Butte County, California

Find frequencies for other USA localities

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CODE 1  At Your Convenience
CODE 2  Urgent, No red lights or siren
CODE 3  Emergency, use lights and siren
CODE 4  No further assistance needed
CODE 5  Stake Out
CODE 6M Misdemeanor want
CODE 6F Felony Want
CODE 6AD  Felony Want: Armed  and Dangerous
CODE 7  Mealtime
CODE 10  Bomb Threat
CODE 20  Assist Officer: Urgent
CODE 33  Emergency: Do Not Transmit

10851  Stolen Car
10852  Tampering with a vehicle
10853  Malicious mischief w/ a vehicle
20001  Hit and Run/Felony
20007  Hit and Run/Parked vehicle
22500  Illegal parking
23101  Drunk Driving: felony
23102A Drunk Driving: misdemeanor
23103  Reckless Driving
23109  Speed Contest
23110  Throwing at vehicle

187  Murder
207  Kidnapping
211  Robbery
240  Assault
242  Battery
245  Assault with Deadly Weapon
261  Rape
288  Lewd and lascivious conduct
314  Indecent exposure
415  Disturbing the peace
417  Person with a Weapon
459  Burglary
476A  Fictitious document
484  Petty Theft
487  Grand Theft
594  Malicious Mischief
647F  Drunk Person
647G  Prowler
5150  Insane Person
10-1 Receiving Poor
10-2 Receiving OK
10-4  OK
10-5 Relay to:
10-7 Out of Service at:
10-8 In Service
10-9 Repeat
10-10 Out of Service at Home
10-12 Visitor/Officer present
10-13 Weather/Road Conditions
10-15 Have prisoner in custody
10-16 Pickup:
10-18 Equipment check
10-19A Arrived/Returned to Pound
10-19B Arrived/Returned to Corp Yard
10-19C Arrived/Returned to Park Headquarters
10-19D Arrived/Returned to Airport
10-20 Location
10-21 Phone Office or Landline
10-22 Cancel
10-23 Standby
10-24 Check file/permit/record
10-25 Do you have contact with:
10-27 Check license info
10-28 Registration
10-29 Check for wants and warrants
10-30 Resume normal radio traffic
10-32 Drowning
10-33 Alarm Sounding
10-34 Open Door
10-35 Open Window
10-39 Message delivered
10-40 Is ___ available for phone call?
10-45 Ambulance needed
10-49 Proceed to:
10-50 Obtain a report
10-52 Resuscitator
10-53 Man down
10-54 Possible dead body
10-56 Suicide
10-57 Firearm discharged
10-58 Garbage complaint
10-60 Check Parking Meter
10-62 Meet the citizen
10-65 Missing person
10-66 Suspicious person
10-67 Person called for help
10-68 Tree/Limb down
10-69 Wire down
10-70 Prowler
10-73 How do you receive?  
10-74 Check roadway conditions
10-75 Check hole in road
10-78 Check water conditions
10-79 Plugged sewer/drain
10-80 Explosion
10-81 Broken water main
10-82 Leaking hydrant
10-83 Signal out at:  
10-83A  Signal malfunction
10-84 Street light out
10-85 Make inspection at:
10-86 Any traffic for:
10-91 Stray animal
10-91A Vicious animal
10-91B Noisy animal
10-91C Injured animal
10-91D Dead animal
10-91E Animal bite
10-91F Sick animal
10-91G Pick up animal
10-91H Stray Horse
10-91J Pick up animal at:
10-97 Arrived at scene
10-98 Finished with last assignment

11-24 Abandoned vehicle
11-26 Abandoned bicycle
11-27 DDL info: driver detained
11-28 Registration info: driver detained
11-44 Coronerís Case
11-54 Suspicious vehicle
11-79 Accident: Ambulance enroute
11-80 Accident: injury
11-82 Accident: Property damage
11-83 Accident: No details
11-84 Traffic Control
11-85 Tow Truck needed
11-96 Leaving vehicle to investigate auto: Cover needed
11-96A Same as above: no cover needed
11-98 Meet Officer at

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