Virgin Valley Opals-Black Rock Desert, NV

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Royal Peacock Mining Co:Nice find

Opal Queen Mining Co:

Bonanza Opal Mines Inc:

Rainbow Ridge Opal, Inc: 

America's Opal

American Opal Society:

Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology: 

Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge:

40 Common Minerals (Thanks, Nick!)

Guide to Diamonds, Rocks and Minerals (Thanks, Kendal!)

Home Hobbies: Rock Collecting (Thanks to Ms. Ashford's class!)

Guide to Geos (Thanks, Megan!)

Free Gemology Courses (Thanks, Paul!)

A Visual Representation of Mohs Hardness Scale (Thanks, Piper!)

Home Rock Collecting Guide (Thanks, Denise!)

Panoramic Views:
Thanks to Ron Morgan for contributing these fantastic 360 views of Virgin Valley sites:

Campgrounds/ Hot Spring

Rainbow Ridge Opal Mine

The following is a partial list of publications which have featured articles about Virgin Valley Opals:

Rock and Gem Magazine 2/95, 10/92,

Lapidary Journal 6/96, 6/89, 6/94, 8/56, 3/71

Rocks and Minerals Magazine 10/77, 10/77, 8/69, 11/65,\

American Gem Trails, by Richard M. Pearl. Copyright 1964, McGraw Hill Book Co., NY

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